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We are the only distributor in Poland to sell and offer products designed for interiors and home decor that are made of ceramics, maiolica, porcelain and volcanic lava coming from different parts of Italy.
Our products have 800 years of history, dating back to XIII century and the Renaissance times. They have perfectly represented ornaments made by the most popular and renowned masters of Renaissance, such as, among others: Rafael Santi, Michael Angelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Sandro Botticelli.
All items that are sold are hand-made and hand-decorated by artists from Umbria and Tuscany.

Among other materials, we use volcanic rock to make ceramic tables of different shapes and sizes. Volcanic rock is procured in Sicily from Etna, the only active volcano in Europe. Thanks to a high temperature of forming and low cooling process, this type of rock is durable, homogeneous and has exceptional technical features on a global scale. The rock is excavated in blocks from stone-pits and cut into slabs of different sizes and thicknesses. At the beginning, the slabs are carefully picked and then cut into the desired shapes of tables. The cut slabs of volcanick rock are then enameled, so that it is possible to subsequently hand-make ornaments on their surface. Afterwards they proceed to the phase of firing that is conducted in the temperature of approximately 1000-2000 Celsius degrees, in different stages. A volcanic rock table is indestructible and resistant to temperatures from 1000 to -50 Celsius degrees.
On top of that, it is also highly resistant to impacts and scratches. It can be cleaned with any product and there is no need to cover it with a tablecloth. It is possible to order the sizes and types of ornaments to be hand-made on the tables, depending on the requirements and the preferences of the customer.

In the laboratories of our company in Italy every day there are working potters and painters who provide all their professionalism, painting not only tables, but also gigantic lamps at head height, sculptures, amphorae, vases, mirrors, and other ornaments for the home.
The decorations are also in modern style, made with fine finishes in Gold, Platinum and Silver. Our products are used worldwide to furnish villas, restaurants and luxury hotels.
These works of arts are also on display in museums in London "Victoria and Albert Museum" and in those of New York "Metropolitan Museum".
After this valuable information we invite our customers to visit our showroom to admire the beauty of our products.